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Coupon Community is the place to plug into the latest and greatest news on couponing and connect to other shoppers that love to coupon!  Our ultimate goal isn’t just to provide you with the best coupons – We also want help you save money by providing a community for couponers like you.

There really is no better way for couponers to find out about the greatest coupons, get tips to make couponing easier, and locate awesome sales than to get the information from fellow couponers!

At Coupon Community, we know how valuable this communication can be, and we have created this forum for couponers like you!  Use all of the tools available in the Coupon Community to talk about all things related to couponing and feel free to share the latest deals in your area, tips that have changed the way you coupon, and pictures of your latest couponing trip.

We have also created a list of the top coupon sites.

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Imagine a place where you can get information from other couponers on all kinds of coupon related topics like selected items on sale available in only a few areas, unique coupon organizing or shopping techniques, hidden places to find coupons, up to the minute changes in store coupon policies, and even tips on how to start the couponing process.  That place is the Coupon Community forum!

We also want you to encourage each other with what you love most about couponing.  The ultimate motivation for couponing can be as simple as hearing one family’s incredible savings story, seeing a single mom’s photo of her own massive stockpile, listening to someone’s goal to use couponing to help the needy, and anything else you find inspiring about couponing.  Coupon Community wants to help you share all of your coupon experiences.

We want to hear all about your couponing success in the Coupon Community!

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