Coupon Commnity $250 Giveaway – July 20, 2012

Hey Couponers,

We are so excited to share with our readers a very special giveaway where one lucky winner will receive $250 Amazon gift card!

To be part of this giveaway, you must enter using the Raffelcopter below. The winner will be chosen just like a normal raffle, completely at random. What is different about this giveaway is that you can have many entries! The more entries, the better chance you have at winning! And who wouldn’t love a $250 Amazon gift card!

Click enter to win and sign in using your Facebook account or email address.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Leave a comment below and let us know what we should do for our next giveaway. 

Bonus Entry: Earn 25 entries by writing a blog post about Coupon Community and link to this page, Coupon Suzy. In addition to providing coupons and giveaways, we review coupon sites. This month we reviewed Coupon Suzy.

Also check back often for more ways you can earn extra entries!

This giveaway is going to be so much fun! Good luck everybody. And may the odds ever be in your favor! ;)


About Ashlee

+Ashlee Exon is a stay-at-home mom who is never home! Her and her two little kids are always on the go and they love to coupon!

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  • Jane

    Thanks for this great giveaway!

  • Lauriette

    Cool! I hope i win this give away.

  • Deanna G.

    Do another one like this! :)

  • Betty Humphries

     great giveaway!

  • Coupon Community

    Hey Betty, thanks for reading our blog and commenting. We really appreciate it!

  • Coupon Community

    Hey Deanna, thanks for taking the time to read our blog and write a comment. We just might have another one. :)

  • Coupon Community

    Hey Lauriette, you’ll have multiple chances to have more entries and chances to win. Thanks for stopping by and leaving us a comment!

  • Coupon Community

    Jane, thanks for commenting. Please feel free to ask any couponing questions you may have. 

  • Bnd81107

    i could so use this. i dont have enuff books in my kindle :)

  • Frogz60

    This woulkd be fun to spend for birthday and Christmas gifts for my kids!

  • Courtney B

    Restaurants and clothing !:)

    vanitizebaby at yahoo dot com


  • chris

    clothing coupons!

  • Lauren

    clothing retail coupons!

  • Coupon Community

    Hey Lauren, thanks for commenting. We actually just wrote a post on clothing retail coupons, Let us know what you think.

  • Nicole

    Wonderful giveaway! Thanks for hosting!

  • Nicole

    Oops, sorry. Didn’t follow the instructions! :) I’m looking for coupons related to the most expensive items on my grocery list – coffee, wine, organic products, etc. Those would be perfect for me.

  • David Hollingsworth

    Maybe coupons for batteries.

  • JessieC

    Organic produce coupons

  • agordon10

    I look for ice cream coupons

  • mami2jcn

    I’m looking for diaper coupons.  I’m entering on the rafflecopter with my Facebook name, Mary Happymommy.

  • Lenarra

    lookin fer coffe and ice cream coups!

  • brandy

    I need coupons for dairy products.

  • Em

    Any kinds of coupons

  • Lisa Brown


  • matt

    Any kind of grocery coupons.

  • Theron Willis

    Any coupon that involves meat, be it ground turkey or ground pork sausage.

    Hope to win!

  • Elizabeth

    dairy, meat, personal care items

  • Sherry Compton

    Ground turkey or steak coupons, sara lee bread, veggies -canned, frozen, or fresh

  • Rachel Rodman

    diaper and kids coupons

  • Peter Dale

    Laundry soap is always good as well as cereal.

  • Patricia Martinez

    Jewelry like summery necklaces

  • ses1978

    Anything for any gluten free or dairy free products. 

  • Margaret Smith

    I like grocery coupons.

  • naomi

    I like cleaning product coupons – paper products are good too 

  • colleen boudreau

    grocery coupons.

  • jose benavides

    i am looking for food coupons

  • Amber

    I’m looking for high-end designer or beauty coupons!

  • Cole

    I like grocery coupons

  • Tamara

    Grocery coupons… especially for cereals! That’s what I like to find. Thanks for the contest.

  • Carly

    I love grocery coupons!

  • nickie burke

    house products coupons

  • Alyshia Fykes


  • Holly Hennessy Swint

    I am looking for grocery coupons!

  • Melody

    I’m looking grocery and health beauty coupons.


  • Marti Parks

    I like grocery coupons.

  • Donnachmitt215

    Love Amazon

  • Chrystal D

    I look for pet food & cigarette coupons the most!


    I like pasta coupons.

  • Amy D

    I’m always looking for vegetarian coupons and cat litter!

  • Kelly Nicholson

    Leave a comment. Let us know what type of coupons you are looking for.

    cereal or any other outrages priced stuff

  • Crystle tellerday

    pet food

  • Jo Morgan

    Always looking for dairy products

  • Liza Vladyka

    coffee and snacks

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 23/6

  • Kristen N.

    I try to look for grocery coupons!

  • Stefanie Gladden

    im always looking for grocery coupons

  • Desmond


  • Starr Greenwell

    always grocery coupons

  • Susan Smith

    food, personal care products  makeup,

  • Jimmy

    I’m looking for coupons for groceries 

  • Lynda Del

    Coffee and coffee creamer coupons.

  • Linda G.

    I’m on the lookout for grocery coupons

  • Ashley C

    I’m always look for frozen food coupons

  • Daniella

    I love grocery coupons

  • jasminevine

    I’m looking for coupons for Morningstar or other  meat substitute products.

  • Alisha Hodges

    Grocery coupons are always helpful, but now that my baby is due soon, I like getting coupons for baby products.

  • Carmenpaigee

    I like cleaning supplies coupons.

  • Jessica L

    I like Laundry coupons

  • Amy Orvin

    pet coupons

  • Theresa Jenkins

    cleaning supplies coupons … if I use the product I’ll use a coupon;if I shop at a store and there are store coupons ,yes I’ll use them 

  • hawkshoe

    I could use coupons for Boost.

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 24/6

  • Vesta Mason

    Coupons for frozen meals.

  • Margaret

    I like coupons related to Fashion–it’s hard to pass those up! :)

  • Kathy

    I use alot of cereal and granola snacks

  • Xinestyles

    frozen meal coupons are the best

  • Sherry Compton

    Ground beef and steak coupons would be amazing.

  • Dorothy Doll

    I use mostly laundry detergent, stain removers, dish soap, dishwasher detergent, and other cleaning and paper product coupons.

  • Imamura

    hope can get this coupon..

  • Debbie Johnston

    I need laundry detergent and diaper coupons!

  • Nadine Larsen

    I love Dog food coupons and laundry detergent , fabric softener coupons are always great

  • Ravzie

    I need coupons for regular food products!

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 25/6

  • Elven Marie Johnson

    Cat litter, dog food

  • rebecca shockley

    Toilet Paper and meat

  • Ellie Couponsaver

    Toilet paper, dog food, greek yogurt, etc. 

  • tung ton

    paper towels, toilet tissue, facial tissue, paper plates, napkins, foil, ziploc bags!

  • Aaayc0407

    I am looking for cereal and chip coupons

  • jlafount

    I want more soda coupons

  • Rebecca day

    food coupons

  • Vsbelley

    book coupons val

  • Abi H

    Organic food products

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 26/6

  • Siobhan

    I think gift card giveaways are great

  • Richelle

    I am always hunting for coffee creamer and Cheerios coupons :) Preferably hiugh dollar amounts hee hee.

  • Holly


  • jjsell

    I would like coupons on fresh produce.  Seems like there aren’t enough of them out there.
    jjsell76 at yahoo dot com

  • Kyl Neusch

    coupons for drinks

  • Tls Simms

    Need more restaurant coupons or GC especially to mcdonalds, chuckecheese, KFC, etc

  • Khettinger

    Food coupons

  • Sherry Compton

    restaurant coupons would be great

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 27/6

  • Renski

    Grocery coupons – milk, meat and fruit would be GREAT but I know they are hard to come by.

  • mverno

    coupons for grocrey shopping

  • Bridget Merker

    Dog Treat, Coffee Creamer, Bread

  • pixystik4u

    yogurt coupons would be great

  • Tami @

    I’m looking for coupons for anything baby – formula, wipes, diapers, etc..  I’m expecting a baby in November.  

  •á-Será/1790522414 Que Será Será

     I am looking for baby items coupons @QueSeraSera68:twitter

  • Kyona Sirico

    Diapers, laundry, and pet food

  • Senora Muertos

    I am always looking for toiletries and hair dye coupons

  • Meegs

    Baby stuff… especially diapers!

  • Rachel

    I’m always looking for food and restaurant coupons

  • Brandy

    grocery — especially frozen and produce

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 28/6

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 28/6

  • emilia rodriguez

    id love coupons on pet supplies and groceries

  • Megstrean

    I would enjoy coupons for Itunes!!!!!!!! Thanks!

  • amwiden

    Coupons that do not recquire installing a coupon printer app would be great.

  • melissa

    pet supplies i have 5 cats 2 dogs and fish lol

  • Daniel M

    computer stuff, need an upgrade!

  • Wendy Thompson

    I am always looking for paper product coupons. I hate spending my money on things I’ll just throw away!

  • mark c

    health and beauty

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 29/6

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, I like food and health coupons

  • Donna L


  • Black Asphodel

    Bath and facial care and makeup.

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  • Ariel Keener

    I’m looking for coupons to buy groceries as well as other household type items.

  • Clc

    I’d love to find some coupons for K Cups.

  • John Siskar

    Technology coupons are always good.  :)

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 30/6

  • Lisa Lo

    Pet food

  • Sherry

    Diaper coupons! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 30/6

  • alas3lads

    Health and beauty coupons

  • Amanda Hoffman


  • Kreed5022

    I love coupons for beauty products!!

  • Vanessa Coker

    I love coupons for baby products and razor blades (my husband is bald and shaves his head every day).

  • Molly Bussler

    Love coupons for baby clothes.

  • joni

    I like restaurant coupons.

  • Dirtcheapteach

    I love all coupons especially the ones I can’t get from the Sunday paper.  Rare coupons make me happy.

  • Jill

    I do most of my shopping on Amazon to save gas for my car, so Amazon gift cards are a precious commodity for me :)

  • Tara Donelson Huff

    I am looking for diaper coupons.

  • Emily

    I always look for coupons for healthier snacks.

  • Debbie M

    always look for food coupons, restaurants, etc.

  • S. C. Edwards
  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 1/7

  • kathy f

    I am always looking for meat coupons.

  • Carrie Floyd

    I’m always looking for baby products coupons.

  • Carrie Floyd

    I’m always looking for baby products coupons.

  • jules p

    i am always looking for meat and dairy coupons

  • jules p

    i am always looking for meat and dairy coupons

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 2/7

  • Joni Koneval

    Love the blog!

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 2/7

  • Min K

    I look for coupons for items I’d buy anyway.

  • Skytoucher

    bed, bath, beyond giftcard

  • Mermont84

    im looking for food coupons

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 3/7

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 3.7

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 3/7

  • Geoff K

    I love coupons for coffee, tea, and “green” household cleaners.  Thanks!

  • buzz8

    clothes coupons

  • Christina Hochstrasser

    I am looking for an “baby” related coupons – most specifically diapers because that’s a constant purchase. 

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 4/7

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 4/7

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 4/7

  • Jennifer H


  • Ellen b

    cereal coupons – we eat a lot of cereal and it’s expensive

  • Persephoniekali

    I’d love more natural and organic coupons

  • Holly Matthews

    Zyrtec coupons

  • helobuff

    Organic veggies, soy milk, green tea, oatmeal, fruit? If there is such a thing! Healthy things, gluten free, wheat free, additive free items.

  • cat

    mostly organic or gluten free coupons.  Most other things we buy store brand and that is cheaper than brand name with coupons.  Though Free items coupons are great! )

  • Jessica

    I’d love more health and beauty coupons! =)

  • Angela Hartness

    I like to have more cosmetic coupons.

  • juli guthrie

    I am always looking for organic coupons.  And stuff for my boys. 

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 5/7

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 5/7

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 5/7

  • Imnotarunner

    I am looking for meat and organic products coupons

    imnotarunner at gmail dot com

  • Tara Liebing

    I look for grocery and shampoo and conditioner coupons

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 6/7

  • Tadv211

    Always looking for coupons on meat, and cat & dog food!

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 6/7

  • Chelsea Saulpaugh

    Im always looking for pet food coupons

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 6/7

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 6/7

  • Amy Beth Marantino

    snack foods

  • Stacey Roberson

    I’m always looking for baby coupons(diapers/food/etc.) or personal hygiene coupons. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 7/7

  • Aisha Holley

    I like clothing coupons and also groceries.

  • Sweetheart

    grocery coupons!


  • Dan Williams

    thanks for a great giveaway

  • Dan Williams

    thanks for a great giveaway

  • Christina Sparks

    Laundry coupons

  • Peggy Sweeps

    pet food coupons

  • Jennifer

    dairy coupons

  • Dawn

    in dire need of pet food coupons

  • Christyne_f_22

    Love baby coupons

  • Protsky

    Laundry and paper goods.

  • Tim

    I am mostly looking for men toiletries and such — razors, deoderant, etc.

  • Annemarie562000

    I would love coupons for shaving razors!

  • Emaisgr8

    Diaper coupons

  • Alycia Morell

    Diaper and other baby product coupons

  • soha molina

    I look for grocery coupons

  • ArthurChinn

    I like coupons for eating out. 

  • Cgentry1952

    Love grocery coupons!!!



  • Lucy Rivera

    any coupons would definitely help…. especially since i got laid off and my income completely changed ….. 

  • Alyce Poalillo

    I need coupons for cat supplies and food.

  • addrienne

    Anything sold at walmart would be perfect!

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 8/7

  • Shayna Brookman


  • jessica hansen

    target and walmart, i find it very hard to learn how to coupon when most sites coupon match ups there coupons are treated as double but here in northern ca they dont duble our coupons

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 8/7

  • Angie


  • Andrea Kruse

    I am always looking for cleaning coupons for Walmart.

  • mommyto2girlz

    I like coupons for kids stuff like clothes and shoes.  thank you!
    crystalfaulkner2000 at yahoo dot com

  • angelaj

    Mostly food coupons

  • darlene bohannon

    im looking for soft drinks ,meat and milk,laundry and paper products

  • Melanie


  • John Stetson

    We’re always on the lookout for cat food coupons.

  • Holly Beach

    I’m always looking for health and beauty coupons. 

  • angel320

    Paper products, milk, fruit and produce coupons would be terrific

  • Stacy

    I need Bisquik coupons!

  • Ttrockwood

    Healthy groceries coupons would be great!

  • Wendy

    Coupons for soda and health/beauty items are my top picks!

  • kari jasus

    clothing and restaurant coupons

  • Heidi Gail

    I’d like coupons for toys.

  • Heidi Gail

    I’d like coupons for toys.

  • Yenni B.

    I’d take bookstore coupon, please..! ~ besides grocery and house hold product coupons. Awesome page! <3

  • Yenni B.

    I’m your new follower! :)

  • Jessica Kingston

    Always looking for diaper or toy coupons

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 9/7

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 9/7

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 9/7

  • kattastik

    Coupons for yogurt, snack bars and whole grain pastas :)

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 9/7

  • Scott McFadden

    TY for the chance to win

  • abfantom

    I’m looking for laundry detergent coupons

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  • Elisabeth

    I would love Publix or cat food coupons.

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 9/7

  • starlia edwards

    I would like to see coupons for photo  products

  • Kathlean Owens

    I really need more variety of food coupons like butter, eggs, milk, bread, soup, frozen vegetables, frozen meats like fish, hot dogs, cheese, yogurt, frozen juice, canned veggies, spices, cooking oils, ect.

  • Tch3rd

    I appreciate printable grocery coupons.

  • Stephaniegarcia

    Coupon Suzy is a very easy site to use! I am not very computer literate and even I can do it! Thanks

  • Tami Lewis

    i want fresh fruits and veggies coupons!

  • clynsg

    Food coupons

  • Sarah Hirsch

    i like to find coupons on clothing stores

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 10/7

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 10/7

  • Biki

    I’m looking for everyday use items like air freshners, clorox wipes, etc

  • Alexandra Roach


  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 10/7

  • Amy Dalton

    It seems like it hard for me to find cheese and meat coupons.

  • Dan Williams

    great giveaway to win, thanks

  • Ellen_levickis

    i never get enough for pepsi products
    basically, anything other than baby and pet

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 11/7

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 11/7

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 11/7

  • Amanda Miller Leach

    Where are all the Coke coupons?

  • Dan Williams

    thanks for a great giveaway

  • vanderpug

    Would like to have you write about coupons for perishables like dairy and meat. Thanks!

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 11/7

  • Lisa

    Combining CVS and Manufactureres Qs

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 12/7

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 12/7

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 12/7

  • kimberly wiley lazor

    How to use coupons on a mobile phone. thanks! :)

  • Carla Bonesteel

    Honestly, I am not qualified to tell you what to talk about when it comes to coupons…you’re doing great!

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 12/7

  • emily

    thank you! :)

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 13/7

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 13/7

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 13/7

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this, 13/7

  • Joyce Perkins/joyann1968

    I am fairly new to couponing, so anything you want to share is good.

  • Christy Weller

    I would love to find and learn more about double coupons and combining coupons

  • Danielle Sauers

    I’d like to see anything about beauty coupons

  • twinkies25

    I would like to learn more about stacking coupons =]

  • PeterD

    Coupons for family activities

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this today, 14/7

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this today, 14/7

  • EV

    Coupons for college students

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this today, 14/7

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this today, 14/7

  • debbie

    an ipad!

  • Janet C.

    beauty or clothing coupons :)

  • Rita Alarcon

    I would like to know which stores take the printed at home coupons.

  • Sheena Dhillon


  • Dan Williams

    twitted this today, 15/7

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this today, 15/7

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this today, 15/7

  • Hannah

    How to organize coupons

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this today, 15/7

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this today, 16/7

  • Jamie

    I would LOVE to see a section for new home owners!!

  • Eblue160

    Dairy products.

  • Tara

    I would love to hear about what you do when a store/employee treats you badly when you use coupons, it sometimes makes me want to stop couponing.

  • Edith

    Back to school specials!

  • Syvie W

    An article on rebates would be interesting. Where can a consumer find them these days and how to ake the most out of them?

  • Katharina

    I’d love to see a topic on how we as couponers can get our more stubborn small stores to accept coupons that we’ve printed.. especially those for free items. My one store absolutely refuses to take a home printed coupon for free items even if they came directly from the manufacturer. Katharina

  • Caryn S

    I’d love to see something about diaper coupons. We have a newborn and go through a lot.

    caryn9802 at yahoo dot com

  • Misses Giveaways

    How to get coupons through other sources other than newspapers/online.

  • Coupon Community

    Hey Jamie, this is a great idea. Do you have any specific topics?

  • Coupon Community

    Hey Caryn, we will add a new page for diaper coupons soon. A few people have requested it.

  • Coupon Community

    Katharina, this is a great topic. We’ve had some problems at out local stores. Ill let you know when we post something.

  • Dan Williams

    twittted this today, 17/7

  • Erin

    I would like to see something about how to negotiate with stubborn cashiers who refuse to accept perfectly good coupons. I’ve had this happen before and it’s REALLY frustrating.

  • Kelly E

    Grocery coupons!

  • Lori A.

    Coupons for pet owners!

  • Karen Gonyea

    How to begin a stockpile !!

    ktgonyea at

  • Caitlyn

    You should write about coupons for cosmetics!

  • Micheal Dale Grim

    how about back to school,savings and coupons!!!

  • Coupon Community

    Hey Karen, we have a few stockpiling guides,

  • Coupon Community

    Micheal, we will be writing an article for back to school coupons soon. Thanks for commenting.

  • Coupon Community

    Hey Rita, thanks for commenting on our site. We really appreciate it. Where did you live? What stores are near you? We could write a post specifically for your area.

  • Coupon Community

    We love cash money too. ;)

  • Coupon Community

    Hey Hannah, we will be doing another giveaway for a coupon binder soon. We can let you know when it’s live.

  • Coupon Community

    Thanks for the comment, Edith. We appreciate your feedback. We will be writing an article on back to school specials/coupons soon.

  • Coupon Community

    Great topic, Syvie. Thanks for the comment.

  • Coupon Community

    Hey Misses ;) , we will add this topic to the Q.

  • Coupon Community

    Thanks Dan.

  • Coupon Community

    Kelly, are you looking for specific coupons?

  • Coupon Community

    Hey Lori, thanks for commenting. What kind of pet do you have?

  • Coupon Community

    Caitlyn, we do have some coupons for cosmetics. What are you looking for specifically?

  • Coupon Community

    Erin, yes it is. This would be a great rant I mean topic to write about. :)

  • Coupon Community

    Ev, great topic. Thanks.

  • Coupon Community

    Hey Danielle, thanks for commenting. How often do you use beauty coupons?

  • Coupon Community

    Hey Christy, we will make sure to have an article posted on doubling and combing coupons. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on our blog.

  • Coupon Community

    Sounds good. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  • Coupon Community

    Only 2 days left! Thanks everyone for participating in our giveaway! Who’s going to be the lucky person???

  • Elizabeth Kelley Tipton

    Cute purse? ;)

  • tamar

    How to get notified of new coupons for your favorite products across different retailers

  • Ali Goff

    Food coupons are always welcome.

  • Natalia Ryjova

    Beauty coupons

  • Erin N.

    Pet stores

  • April Vrugtman

    Using coupons when your grocery budget is less than $10 a week for three people.

  • Liza Vladyka
  • chrisdeglen

    I’d like an article on the difficulty of using coupons printed online at some stores, like Walmart.

  • Nikki

    I’m always looking for grocery coupons

  • alisa

    i need tips on how to combine coupons!

  • Raymond Scott

    Online coupons for shipping, etc.

  • Alexa Brown

    coupons for orgnanic foods.

  • Ruth Anderson

    Fresh fruits and vegies

  • Julie Bickham

    back to school savings for clothes and supplies.

  • Jennifer Barr

    maybe some quick and easy dinner recipes

  • jennfier

    where to find specific coupons would be great! I am always looking for produce coupons!

  • Terri Shaw

    I would like coupons on cleaning products

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this today, 18/7

  • Mike S.

    I’d like to see some kind of guide with links for coupon sources paired with sales on a regional basis that can be referenced via a shopping list app which includes shoppers card Qs and catalinas. Its a pipe dream though, I know.

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this today, 18/7

  • Keara B.

    I’d love to see more coupons for organic produce!

  • Bonnigene

    how I can better use online coupons

  • Laura M.

    I’d love to see one about beauty coupons!

  • Chrystal Jones

    I’d like to see more restaurant coupons.

  • Michelle S

    I would like to see more diaper / wipe coupons.

  • Lindsay

    I would like to see more coupons for general food items like milk, eggs, cheese, etc.

  • Vy Vu

    I think that you should write a post on Interpersonal Skills application with Couponing. How does a couponer get into the goodwill of retail folks.

  • Adrian Slew

    How about coupons on healthy foods or organic products?

  • Sherry Jennings

    I’d love to see coupons for bath stuff like razors and body wash

  • kathy pease

    id like to know why coupons say do not double..why do they care if a store doubles the coupon..isnt it the store losing money??

  • tiffany laventure

    baby stuff

  • David spiteri


  • brich2222

    signed up for updates using ardy22 at

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  • brich2222

    would like to see topic on cashiers who freak out when a coupon says a product is for free

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  • iyoha

    I would like an article about saving money on school products.

  • Carla Sue Thompson

    I’d like to see coupons for gluten free foods and pet foods.

  • honeypie411

    I need baby supply coupon ideas!
    julie hawkins
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