Learn to Coupon from the Coupon Mom

Does the Coupon Mom Offer you the Easiest Ways to Save

The Coupon Mom has become very well-known for her great advice and tips on saving money on all kinds of products with coupons.  She has developed her reputation as an expert in couponing by contributing to television shows and radio programs everywhere.  She is especially known for helping people achieve discounts on entertainment, meals at restaurants, travel, and grocery shopping.

The Coupon Mom shares a lot of her expertise in couponing in her book, “The Coupon Mom’s Guide to Cutting Your Grocery Bills in Half,” and she also offers a lot of great couponing tips and resources on her website, CouponMom.com.

Find Grocery Shopping Scenarios

As an avid couponer, I often find it most difficult to find the best grocery shopping scenarios.  For some reason, drugstore deals are much easier for me than finding deals on my grocery shopping each week.  However, the Coupon Mom site offers a great way to find the best grocery deals.

Click on “Grocery Deals by State” from the main menu, and you will be directed to a page in which you can choose your state or simply choose from a listing of 60 different grocers.  This list is much more extensive than the list of stores usually found on other websites, giving you the best chance of locating the grocery deals that are closest to you.

Learn to Coupon from the Coupon Mom

You can learn a lot about couponing from the Coupon Mom website.  Click on “Learn to Coupon” from the main navigation, and you will be directed to a page with several good features for beginners.

  • To begin, you can download free couponing courses that can help you learn all the basics of couponing.
  • There are also videos that explain the best ways to use the website, a great feature for anyone new to using the Coupon Mom.
  • Finally, you can scroll to the bottom of this page to see links to articles, tips, and coupon policies organized by store.

Free Samples from the Coupon Mom

You can also use the Coupon Mom website to sign up for free samples.  Choose “Free Samples” from the main menu, and you will be directed to a page with links to different kinds of free samples, including free samples for women and Procter & Gamble samples.

Coupon Database

The Coupon Mom has one of the most extensive coupon databases I have seen on couponing websites. By choosing “Coupon Database” from the main menu, you can then choose to browse through newspaper coupons, printable coupons, and store coupons.

Using the coupon database on the Coupon Mom website, you can also sort the database to view coupons that may be expiring soon as well as view upcoming coupons that will be available the following week.  This is an awesome feature to look at if you are unsure about using any particular coupon because you think something better may be coming up.

If you have your own personal experience or tips on using the Coupon Mom website, be sure to share your story with us below in the comments!

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