Coupon Policy

Why Do Couponers Need Coupon Policies?

If you are a beginning couponer, you may wonder why it would be important to learn your store coupon policies.  This is actually a very important step in couponing.  If you take the time to understand the policies of your favorite stores, you will save a lot of time and energy at the checkout counter.

Coupon policies help you understand things like:

  1. How many “like” manufacturer’s coupons can you use in one transaction?  (Some stores will limit you to 3 or 4 coupons and some stores have no limits.)
  2. Does your store have “store coupons,” and if so, can you use them along with a manufacturer’s coupon?  (This policy can bring you big savings.)
  3. Will your store take competitor’s coupons?
  4. Can you use a coupon on the “free” item of a “buy 1 get one free”?  (This policy can vary greatly depending on the store.)
  5. Does your store “price match” with their local competitors?
  6. Does your store double or triple coupons?
  7. Does your store have a loyalty card?

Coupon Community Provides Links to Coupon Policies

Coupon policies can most often be found on each individual store’s corporate website.  Simply go to the website of your choice, and most sites will have a search bar where you can type in the search term “coupon policy.” From here, the store’s coupon policy should be provided to you for printing.

Some stores may have a menu in their footer at the bottom of their home page that includes a tab labeled “Help.”  You may need to click on this tab to get to a page called “Promotions” which usually includes a link to their “Discounts and Sweepstakes” page.  Scroll down this page, and you can usually find a link to their coupon policy.

Coupon Community is making it even easier to find store coupon policies by providing links to the most recent version of coupon policies for all of your favorite stores.

What Should I Do With My Coupon Policies?

It is very important that you take your printed copy of the store coupon policy along with you when you shop.  Just keep the policy in your coupon binder so that any questions that might arise as you do your shopping can be easily answered.

In addition, many cashiers who are new may not be as familiar with their own store policies as they should be and could limit you on the use of your coupons.  If you have the store policy with you, it will be much easier to argue your case with the cashier or the store manager.

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