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Coupon Suzy is one of the most popular couponing resources on the web, and it has become one of my personal favorites. In light of how much I like, I thought it may be appropriate to write a Coupon Suzy review to share my experiences with other people. There are some good and bad features of the site that have to be taken into consideration, so you need to know the facts before determining if you want to use Coupon Suzy to help you save. Let me go over what I do and don’t like about the site, and you can form your own opinion from there.

What I Like about Coupon Suzy

I love the fact that Coupon Suzy is really simple to use. Some couponing sites go a little overboard with the amount of options they have for users. With, all you have to do is click on one of four tabs in the menu and click on any coupons you want to save, print, or download. There are tons of coupons to choose from, and they are all neatly sorted with menus on the sidebars. I never have trouble finding what I want on the site.

What I Don’t Like about

I don’t like the fact that there is no search bar on the site. The coupons are all organized by category, but sometimes I just want to look for what I need with a keyword. I can’t do that here.

Would I Recommend Coupon Suzy?

I would definitely recommend Coupon Suzy to other people that I know. I have made great use of it over the years, and I know I am not alone. The site is free to use, so you might as well look over it and see if you can find any savings along the way. Worse comes to worse, you lose out on 10 minutes of time to potentially save hundreds of dollars a year. I think the tradeoff is well worth it in the end. Conduct your own Coupon Suzy review and see what you think. You may discover that this is the best couponing site out there for you.

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  • Dixiehusak

    i cannot print the coupons all of a sudden. tried everything. anybody else having the same problems?

  • couponcommunity

    Hey, we aren’t having the same problems. Here’s a link to Coupon Suzy’s troubleshooting guide, Hope this helps.

  • Smdraper

    Cannot find coupon page

  • Ageminirocks

    Where is coupon page

  • Coupon Community

    Hey, thanks for visiting The link to is within the content of the article. It is in the first paragraph. I can add a couple more links if needed. 

  • DAT

    What about the downloads required to use the site?

  • Deanna G.

    I’m looking for beauty related coupons.

  • Nbusenbark

     Forever 21 and other online store like that

  • Terrell Maynard

    I really like Coupon Suzy but sometimes the bar code won’t scan and Walmart and Kroger in Columbus, MS won’t take them unless they scan.  What do I need todo.


  • Vesta Mason

  • Tls Simms

    thanks..can use this gc

  • guest

    this webisite is wondeful

  • Terrysnyder2011

    I enjoy the coupons that I use from Coupon Suzy, but lately I can never get the coupon for Aleve, it is always reached the limit. On what day do the coupons come out?? Keep up the good deals which i enjoy