Create a Budget


As couponers our main goal is to save money, right? Well, that only works if we set a budget for our monthly groceries. I’ll be honest, when I first started to coupon I went after every sale there was. As a result, I spent double my normal grocery budget! I wanted to cut my grocery bill in half, not have more stuff and a lot less money. I had to stop and take a serious look at how I was couponing.

I first examined how much I wanted to spend each month. I set a reasonable goal, and I knew I couldn’t go over that set amount. Then I thought about how much I could spend on building my stockpile. I decided to spend $100 a month on growing my stockpile. I got more than enough great deals for $100. My stockpile started to grow rapidly! I then reduced the $100 for my stockpile because I didn’t need to spend that much anymore.

Once you have made a budget the trick is sticking to it. Here are some tips to help you stick to your grocery budget and even start reducing your budget:

  • One trick is to remember that you will have to turn down some deals. It’s hard to do, trust me I know! But its just not worth couponing if you are spending $500 a month when your budget is $350. So, be strong and just say no! ;)

  • Second, remember that it takes a few months to build your stockpile. Once you build your stockpile you will spend a lot less money. You will have pretty much everything you need except perishables. Once you have your stockpile,  you can be picky about the sales and only get things that are free or close to it.

  • Even though it’s tempting, don’t get things you know you won’t use. If  your family hates Poptarts, dont buy 10 boxes because they are only $0.50 a box. Even though its a great deal, it adds up and no one will want to eat it. Again, just say no!

  • Last tip is to create a meal plan based off of what you have in your stockpile. This way you rotate your food storage so nothing expires, and you will spend next to nothing on food. Its a great feeling to get to this point. You will only eat your stockpile and never need to buy anything full price again! This is the moment when your grocery bill gets cut in half!


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