Find the Sales


Finding the sales tends to be the tricky part to couponing, but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many great resources at our disposal so we don’t have to find sales and match coupons alone! To make finding the deals easy, follow these steps and you will become a pro in no time!


  • My best advice to give you is to start at one store. Learn to coupon at that one store. Get to know their coupon policy and take it easy. If you try to do several stores at once, you will go mad! Trust me…I learned the hard way. So, pick a store and learn everything you can about couponing at that one store. Once you feel confident about couponing there, add another store to your list.
  • Know what stores are in your area. Are there drugstores, grocery stores that double, grocery stores that sell food at wholesale, ethnic food stores, and great stores like Target that let you stack coupons. Why is this important? You need to check their circulars for sales, double days, promos, etc. Once you find good deals, you can use a coupon database to find your coupons, or flip through your coupon binder.
  • Next is to visit coupon sites. Coupon Community has listed several stores with links to current coupon deals! This makes it super easy to find deals and coupons that go with it.
  • Once you have been couponing for a few months, pay attention to the sales. Stores have “sale cycles” meaning they rotate what goes on sale.  Knowing your store’s “ sale cycle” will help you to:
    • Know the optimal time to buy the item
    • Learn how cheap you can get the item and create a price point for that item. A price point is your set amount you are willing to pay for that particular item.
    • Know how many items you should buy so you are stocked up until the next “sale cycle.”
  • Be sure to understand how to read a “coupon scenario.” A coupon scenario is how a coupon site lists a store deal and coupons to match. Here are some tips
    • The total price at the end of the coupon scenario often reflects the price after sales, coupons, and any money back offer you will receive. Money back offers are good on your next purchase and wont be deducted off your initial purchase.
    • Look for where the coupon is located. Coupon sites will tell you where to find the coupon. It will read something like (SS 7/12) That means Smart Source from the July 12th Paper.
  • Understand Coupon Lingo: Learn coupon lingo so you can understand deals listed on coupon sites. Understanding coupon lingo is a MUST when couponing. Click Here for more info.

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