Know Your Store’s Coupon Policy


Have you ever spent hours planning out your shopping trip, clipped all your coupons, and got ready to check out just to have a cashier not accept your coupons?! This is one of the most frustrating things to deal with as a couponer.

Why Print a Store’s Coupon Policy:

Here is the thing. If you coupon regularly, you are going to know much more about coupons than your cashier. Reading a coupon is like a reading a foreign language to some of them. Then there is the great moment when they have to call over a manager that knows just as much as the cashier or even less! This is why you need to print out the stores coupon policy and carry it in your binder.

I have had wonderful moments arguing with a cashier about their coupon policy. One day, I even had a cashier try to tell me that Walmart does not price match meat! Walmart says they price matches doesn’t say everything but meat! Oh, then one day a cashier said the price match I had was too good of deal, and they wouldn’t do it…Seriously?!  These moments are no big deal when you have their coupon policy printed out. They can’t argue with their own policy. :)

Another great thing about knowing a store’s coupon policy is you learn very valuable information that will help you save money.

What to Look for on a Coupon Policy: 

  • Does your store double coupons?
  • Does your store offer in-store coupons that you can stack with manufacturer coupons.
  • Does your store price match or accept competitor coupons?
  • Does your store offer things like catalinas, register rewards, +up Rewards, or Extra Care Bucks?
  • Does your store offer rainchecks? Rain checks allow you to come back later and get the item at the sale price because they are out of stock that week.

There are so many great ways to save money, so be sure to know how to save at that particular store.

How to Get a Store Coupon Policy

To get a Store Coupon Policy, visit your store’s website. You can either search “Coupon Policy” or find their “Store Policy” and they will list their coupon policy information. Here are some links to coupon policies for common stores:

Rite Aid

Be sure to print the original and carry it with you in your binder. Also remember that coupon policies are subject to change. Be sure to check your store site for any changes.

I like to print out my coupon policies, highlight main points, and put them in a page protector in my coupon binder. This way it’s easy to get to and I know what main points to argue with a cashier or manager. :)


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