Locate Store Circulars

Got Circulars? These will become your best friend when couponing. Using store circulars makes it easy to quickly find the best deals in your area. Now, I am sure you are like most couponers who like to use websites to know store deals, but trust me you need circulars! Here are some of my favorite things to do with circulars (Weekly Ads)

Find Deals:  Circulars will list all their great sales that you can find that week. One trick I use to cut down my time on looking through circulars, is to look at the front and back page of the circular. The store often puts their best deals on the front and back page. Coupon sites often list coupon deals, but they tend to skip deals on produce, meat, milk, eggs, etc. Also, there are usually stores in your area that are not mentioned on a coupon site, so the circular comes in very handy. You can then find coupons to match the deals and make your own coupon scenario.

Use it to Price Match: I love to collect circulars and use them at Walmart to price match.  My favorite stores to price match are whole-price food stores, and ethnic food stores. If you have some in your area, get their circulars! It will save you big bucks and you won’t have to make extra trips. Simply take the circular to a Walmart cashier at checkout. Tell them the store and price of the item you are price matching. They usually don’t need to see it, but bing it just in case. I write my shopping list with the price match and store next to it to make things run smoothly. You can also put a little label on the items that you are price matching for the cashier to see.

Get In-Store Coupons: One great thing about circulars is that they often have coupons in them. These are store coupons, usually, and you can stack them with manufacturer coupons. These coupons are generally not found anywhere else, so it’s great to get a few store circulars so you have multiple coupons. Be sure to read their fine print so you don’t have trouble at check out.

Learn About Double Days and Other Promotions: Circulars also list any promotion that your store is having. Kmart likes to put its doubleday announcements on their circulars, same with Albertsons.

How to Get Circulars: If you find that some stores don’t send their circulars through the mail or newspaper, try visiting their site. Most stores have their circulars listed on their website. The circular is often labeled “Weekly Ad.” You can print this to bring with you. You can also call your store and get on their list for coupons and circulars. This often times includes signing up for their store loyalty card. It’s free, no credit checks etc, and you get great deals from it.

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