Walgreen’s New Rewards Program

I’m sure you have heard about Walgreen’s new rewards program! Its another great way to save money at Walgreen’s. If you aren’t for sure how it works yet, here is some information from Walgreen’s.com that will help you start saving.


Here is a great chart to show you how to redeem your points. You can redeem  your points once you have reached 5,000 points. If you save 40,000 points, you get an extra $10 to spend! When you redeem points, you get something like a Register Reward to use on any purchase.


Note: Points expire 36 months from the day you earn them, but they expire sooner
if you don’t have any account activity for 6 months. Be sure to watch these dates closely so you don’t lose out on the points you’ve earned.


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+Ashlee Exon is a stay-at-home mom who is never home! Her and her two little kids are always on the go and they love to coupon!

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